We offer comprehensive social media solutions for individuals as well as businesses large and small, and absolutely no project is too big or too small. If you are just starting out we can help you develop a social media strategy that is specifically designed to your projects needs with all of its goals in mind. If you already have an existing social media campaign going with parts of your overall strategy in place, we can expand on it and carry it to the next level. Whatever the project, we will take you there.

We can offer you services from employee training and consulting, to handling all of your social media marketing. We can build your pages, increase your following and engage your customers and clients in a professional way that is sure to have you seeing positive results from our efforts.


Facebook is probably one of our biggest areas of expertise, and there is a reason we put so much time as well as value into it. Facebook is a social media platform that allows businesses to connect with users on as frequent of a basis as necessary to keep your name in front of your customers. I often describe a Facebook fan page as being like the 2.0 version of a email list, you can send out messages to your followers on regular basis, and have them actually see them as well. Facebook unlike traditional emails is usually seen by readers, and there is a very low amount of spam, which further engages your target audience.


Twitter is another great social media platform for business and individuals. Like Facebook, you can create a huge audience of people tuning into your updates, but the biggest advantage of Twitter is the personal interaction that can be had between your brand, and your customers. Most companies now have a Twitter presence for promotion as well as reputation management which is something that is very important in a day and age where someone can take a single complaint about your business, unleash it online and wreak havoc. If most of the Fortune 500 companies are on Twitter, shouldn’t you be?


YouTube can be an invaluable resource for your social media marketing efforts, however, combining YouTube with the power of Facebook and Twitter can create an amazing marketing campaign for you or your company. Take for example a catering company that has a Facebook page, they then begin to film YouTube videos of all that it takes behind the scenes preparing for a huge party. The fun, the excitement and the care and TLC that each item gets while being prepared. It is all captured on video and then sent out to the followers of their Facebook and Twitter. With the simple addition of videos, they have completely engaged their audience, and next time the topic of caterers comes up in a meeting, guess who is going to be mentioned first thanks to their marketing campaign. You got it!


LinkedIn is the professionals choice of a social network. With it, you can manage your contact as well as meet new contacts to further your career as well as manage your list of contacts that you have worked with in a past. Previously most people have kept up with their contacts via telephone or email, and both of those things can change with jobs. With Linkedin, they can update their page with their correct information as it changes, and you never lose contact with them! Linkedin is a great place to put your business online for others to see, you can network with potential clients, look for employees, and even put your employees online under your company to take advantage of their network.


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Julie's Freebies: Julie's Freebies is a site dedicated to providing consumers with up to date sources for free product samples, contests and giveaways. With over 450,000 social media followers, it is easy to see why it is a destination for companies wanting to launch new products into the marketplace.

FVFan: FVFan is a Farmville Fan site started by BSM owner Kendall Mesker in May of 2010. It now as nearly 40,000 Facebook fans and that page leverages over a quarter of a million page views per month to FVFan.com