At Bold Social Media we pride ourselves on our results. We deliver, and we want you to know it. Check out some of the results we have had below and see for yourself that we can make the difference in your business. - This site was created and marketed by Bold Social Media owner Kendall Mesker. In just 6 months it amassed a nearly 40,000 fan following and boasts upwards of 250,000 pages served each and every month to Farmville users across the globe. This site was marketed exclusively through Facebook and everything was completely done with word of mouth marketing using contests, and no advertising expenses were incurred at all!

Oaklawn Block Party Event - This was an event page created for the annual Halloween Block Party, one of the largest outdoor parties in Dallas. The Facebook event page brought in 4,300 confirmed attendees, 1,700 maybes, 4,300 people awaiting reply and 3,500 not attending for a grand total of almost 14,000 people invited to the event. For those of you familiar with events, you know this was some AMAZING results! – This site is another site owned by Kendall Mesker, it is an affiliate marketing site designed to direct traffic to sponsors in exchange for revenue. The site was started in September 2010, and was advertised through social media. By the time Halloween was here it had amassed nearly 3,000 fans (in just 2 months) and was getting 2,500 hits a day during its peak the week before the big holiday! All of this for a site that was just 2 months old with less than 15 blog posts! Not only did it deliver the traffic, it also produced the sales doing over $25,000 in sales, in just 2 months!

Dallas Street PartyWe had another successful event promoting a street party in the Dallas area. We started promoting the even about 4 months before the event and at the end here was the numbers. 14,535 attending and 3,729 maybe, when you factor in the viral nature of the event with those who did, and did not reply, there was a total of 38,000 people who were invited to the event! These are the kinds of results that very few social media companies can offer!



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Julie's Freebies: Julie's Freebies is a site dedicated to providing consumers with up to date sources for free product samples, contests and giveaways. With over 450,000 social media followers, it is easy to see why it is a destination for companies wanting to launch new products into the marketplace.

FVFan: FVFan is a Farmville Fan site started by BSM owner Kendall Mesker in May of 2010. It now as nearly 40,000 Facebook fans and that page leverages over a quarter of a million page views per month to