Facebook “Suggest to Friends” Link Missing
Written by Kendall
January 20th, 2011

Facebook today has seems to have disabled the Suggest to Friends button. It appears from pages that you do not own, the link is completely missing. As of right now though, for pages that you are the administrator on, the link is still there, but is not currently functioning. It is not known currently if this is a temporary thing that Facebook has done, or if it is more permanent.

The button was a great tool for getting people to suggest your page and send out invites, and it was also a very easy way to invite your friends and family to your pages in order to get some seeder fans on your page so it wasn’t completely empty. It was however, in recent months used by many who were selling Facebook fans as a 3rd party source. The disabling / removal of this button could be to cut back on that activity.

While buying Facebook fans from 3rd parties wasn’t very productive for lead generation, it did have some use. The useful thing was to gain some initial fans so that your pages did not look blank or like they had no activity on them. After all, who wants to join a page with 10 fans, people would much rather join a page that has hundreds or thousands on it.

Question: What do you think of this new feature? Do you think that this will be temporary or is a permanent thing?


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