The Demographics of Twitter
Written by Kendall
December 10th, 2010

The Pew Research Center released a study today that they did on the people that use Twitter, and the results were very interesting. In the past they had done studies that had included Twitter in with other forms of social media, but this was the first one that solely focused on the company on its own. Overall it had found that 8% of internet users in the USA used Twitter regularly, and with 74% of households using the internet in total, that means that 6% of the population of the USA uses Twitter regularly.

Among some other things that stood out, people in urban areas are more likely than those in suburbs or rural areas to use Twitter, which I can totally see where that how that would be. The one thing that did come as a huge surprise to me was that minorities are more likely to use Twitter than Caucasians. You can see the full chart below of the demographics from Pew.

QUESTION: Which statistic stands out the most for you?


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