The Facebook Numbers Game
Written by Kendall
December 8th, 2010

For those of you who spend time on Facebook regularly you have probably noticed the last few days a lot of status updates which have a number in front of them, and then some text. You can check out below exactly what I mean if you haven’t seen it yet! I was confused at first about it, but after some digging, I found out just what it was all about.

To play what you would do is post a status asking for people to send you numbers to your inbox on Facebook. When you get the number for a person, you would take their number, write it on your Facebook Status, then proceed to write something about the person, how you met etc. The idea of the game is that only the person who sent you the number would know it was about them, or your other friends could guess. I did send 1 person a number, and other people guessed right away that it was me.

Question: Have any of you taken part in the numbers game or a similar game on Facebook?


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  1. i like the idea..sounds like it would be fun

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