The Pew Research Center released a study today that they did on the people that use Twitter, and the results were very interesting. In the past they had done studies that had included Twitter in with other forms of social media, but this was the first one that solely focused on the company on its own. Overall it had found that 8% of internet users in the USA used Twitter regularly, and with 74% of households using the internet in total, that means that 6% of the population of the USA uses Twitter regularly.

Among some other things that stood out, people in urban areas are more likely than those in suburbs or rural areas to use Twitter, which I can totally see where that how that would be. The one thing that did come as a huge surprise to me was that minorities are more likely to use Twitter than Caucasians. You can see the full chart below of the demographics from Pew.

QUESTION: Which statistic stands out the most for you?


For those of you who spend time on Facebook regularly you have probably noticed the last few days a lot of status updates which have a number in front of them, and then some text. You can check out below exactly what I mean if you haven’t seen it yet! I was confused at first about it, but after some digging, I found out just what it was all about.

To play what you would do is post a status asking for people to send you numbers to your inbox on Facebook. When you get the number for a person, you would take their number, write it on your Facebook Status, then proceed to write something about the person, how you met etc. The idea of the game is that only the person who sent you the number would know it was about them, or your other friends could guess. I did send 1 person a number, and other people guessed right away that it was me.

Question: Have any of you taken part in the numbers game or a similar game on Facebook?


Each day that passes, more news comes out about just how big Facebook is, and just how serious of a threat other internet giants think it is. With what appears to be a race by internet giants to acquire smaller companies at a fast rate, Yahoo CEO announced yesterday that she now considers Facebook a larger competitor than long time rival Google.

“Our greatest competitor probably is Facebook, more so than Google,” Bartz said at a presentation in New York yesterday. “They’re a hot site, but there’s room for more than one of anything.”

She went on to discuss the companies future plans to acquire other companies and sites noting that Yahoo will be looking for companies that bring users and content as well as engineers and advertising technologies to the table. What is interesting to not about that, as it seems to be something that Google has stepped up the pace of buying companies that offer the same things. Just last week it was reported that Goupon rejected a 6 billion dollar bid to buy out their 2 year old business.

Question: Do you think Yahoo is correct in their assessment of Facebook being a bigger competitor than Google?


This past week Zynga, a social gaming powerhouse, debuted a brand new game called CityVille on the Facebook platform, this game was pretty highly anticipated and hyped, so it is no surprised that it made for its biggest game launch so far. In the first 24 hours of CityVille going live, they clocked in 290,000 players! In addition, they also had 2.7 million homes built as well as 5 million sections of road laid. Zynga’s previous biggest game launch was that of Frontierville back in June 2010 which had 116,000 players in the first 24 hours.

Players in CityVille build up their city by creating homes, businesses, growing their population and completing in game tasks to advance. In order to supply their businesses they must grow supplies and harvest them and put them into their stores, which in turn sell for coins and give them in game money to buy other items that are needed. The growing and harvesting is obviously a gimmick taken out of the most popular game to date, Farmville.

Question: Do you currently play any social games on Facebook?


New profile pages were unveiled on Facebook today adding more information to users profile pages making them a bit more personal looking as well as a couple of other changes. You can now expect to see more basic information on the top of a users page instead of having to go on the info tab. The information that now appears on the top of a profile includes birthday, current city, home town, schooling and work. Another change you can expect at the top of profile pages are the most recent tagged images of a user. You can see what the profiles now look like below by checking out what my profile now looks like.

Another thing that you may notice is different is the status bar on the top of your page. No longer can you simply type what you want to update about, you now have to click on the status manually (for those that have the iPhone app, like on that app) and then you can update. I am honestly not sure how long this will last, as I wonder if it will cut back on the number of status updates that are made. Typically online users like things as simple as possible, and something so small like clicking an extra mouse click can make all of the difference in what action a user will take.

The update on the status also made updating Facebook fan pages a bit more difficult. No longer is there the option to post text, and then put a link, when I was updating one earlier with a link, I had to type the status, then paste in the URL into the status box, wait on my site and link to pop up, then remove the URL. That doesn’t exactly scream of being user friendly. Of the changes though, my only real complaint is with the status updates, and I have a feeling that Facebook may be rethinking that one over the coming weeks though.

Another thing that you will notice perhaps when digging a little more is that pictures have changed quite a bit. They are now larger than ever before! Bigger pictures on Facebook should create a little more interest in people that currently don’t upload a ton, and it may entice users to do more sharing of their personal moments with friends and family. You can check out what the new larger images look like below:

In addition to the larger images, there was another pretty large update with the photos. They can now be organized very easily. You can change the order of individual images as well as the order of albums! This is a great took for managing online photos and again, will help to entice more users to move away from services like Flickr and Picasa and on to Facebook. I went ahead and took a screen shot of an image in motion to post below, you can move the albums around just like the images, so it would look virtually the same.

Overall, the changes were very good. If it wasn’t clear in the past few months with Facebook announcements, it should be clear now. Facebook wants to take over the online world. They are setting up and moving in the direction of becoming the single website that a user will need, web 2.0 brought the advent of social networking, and I suspect web 3.0 is going to be much more based on social media website with a heavy reliance on applications.

Question: What do you guys think of the new Facebook update?


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